Sunday, September 19, 2010

Works in progress

This blog has sadly been a bit neglected of late. Very little time for sewing and consequently even less for blogging! A rare break from the two oldest kiddos (6 and nearly 4) gave me some much-longed for sewing time. First up, my Fresh Modern Bee 2 commitments for this month. Jessica asked for rectangular based blocks in solids, along with a black and white dot. I love the combination of these colours - one of my favourite combos, but I hadn't ever thought of putting them together in a quilt. Who knew?? These were a lot of fun to make.

Next month (October) is mine in the FMB2 and I'm yet to decide what's going to happen. Must get cracking on that this week as the post will have to go out.

But for now, I'm so tired I can barely type without making a mistake - Not ideal!! So, more on my weekend sewing adventures tomorrow!

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