Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A finished quilt, and a started quilt

It has taken me a few days to get to this post. Blogger was doing weird things with my pictures and I gave up in the end. Luckily he seems to be behaving himself tonight so hopefully this will post without any further ado!

I finished the pink half-square triangles bonanza and whizzed it over to my friend's newborn last week. I was in such a rush to finish that I didn't quite make it - I literally had to sit in her lounge and finish hand-sewing on the label, while gooing and gaaing at the baby of course (so it took me forever!!) Unfortunately I didn't get any more photos of it. I stipple-quilted this one - my first attempt! Looks pretty good, but I thought I would need a bit more practice, sooooo... in a few idle moments on the weekend (yes I surprise myself too - idle moments, I'd forgotten they even existed!!) I whipped up this one:

The truth is, about 10 months ago I purchased a Birdie charm pack, and that very same night I chopped all the charms in half and sewed them back together again, yielding a pretty stack of double coins. Then they sat in one of my fabric bins. Until a few days ago. Out they came, combined with a few charms from some extra Birdie FQs I'd picked up along the way, some sashing strips were cut, extra bits added to either end of most of the rows to make them appear as if they're floating, and ta-da. A finished quilt top.

Would you believe I have even got the batting sorted for this one, and another Birdie strip to use for the binding. The backing is another matter, but I'm sure I can cobble something together pretty quickly. I am not terribly fussed - I had intended this would be more of a 'practice' piece that my daughter might use as a cuddle quilt. It is pretty big though - more than big enough to cover her cot.

Some more works are in progress, including a big pile of cutting which awaits me in order for my month in the Fresh Modern Bee 2 to begin - how exciting! But more on that later....


  1. Great job on the pink quilt! Did you ever get your question about the bulky HST seams answered?

    I think that Birdie fabric is sooo charming... what a cute cuddle quilt for your daughter :)

    Is October your month for FMBII? I am October in FMB and I've had the HARDEST time deciding what I want! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. Hi D! Those quilts are great, you're doing really good practising your quilting techniques and I may be a teeny weeny bit jealous!

    I've joined in with Heather's (a la mode)quilt as you go project as bigger stuff scares me so I can practice my quilting on smaller squares!!

    Your Pay it Forward little gift from me is on its way!! Hope you like it!!

  3. Very nice, love the pink one! Half-square triangles are so much fun, you can do so many different things with them.


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