Monday, November 28, 2011

Ruby dear

I'm linking up to Lee's Work-In-Progress party today. Check in there to see "how everything is doing!"

The blogging police will be coming to check up to see that an impostor hasn't moved in - this is my third post in under a week!

With a bit of momentum under my belt, I put my foot to the floor and finished off my Ruby Dutchmen's Puzzle quilt. I've really enjoyed this one, the flying geese were fun, and I love the colours of Bonnie and Camille's gorgeous fabrics. It wasn't without its challenges however - the borders were more than a little tricky, but I'm very happy with how they've turned out.

While I was enjoying playing with Ruby, I thought I'd press on and make another block to be turned into a matching pillow.

And now I'm turning my attention to this big project, quilting Lilly Pilly. You can read about my progress on this quilt here and here. I don't even want to think about how long the quilting will take. I am going to do the full swirly catastrophe on it. It is, after all, 1.4 metres high by 1 metre wide. All that swirly quilting will take a long time and I want to take it easy, and hopefully avoid any repeat of my elbow problems.

So in between quilting sessions, I'll also be turning my mind to Christmas preparations - much as I'm in denial that it will be December this week and I really am so unprepared, even more so than in previous years.

If you have any top Christmas organising hints, I'd love to hear them! My first task will be to put up the advent calendar. I really love this idea - maybe next year!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting busy with the binding today. I do love a little stripey binding. I love this one so much I bought rather a lot of it. Then I bought a bit more.

Because you never know when you might need some more stripey in your life.

It makes me happy.

Scroll down for more pics of the birdie quilt, if you so desire! (God knows there are a few).

Thanks for visiting! I'm off to visit some more creative spaces.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my goodness I forgot to blog!


I'll keep this short as it's late and I really should be in bed! Lots of sewing going on in the Elefants house at the moment, thanks in part to the new arrival:

A couple of WIPs to show you today. (There are a few others too, but I'll just stick with two, in the interests of brevity, and hopefully to be able to provide more fodder for blogging over the next little while...)

I've had this little birdie in a tree lurking in my WIP pile for a very long time. It's from a pattern by the marvellous Kellie. I had already started the quilting but wasn't very happy with it so put it away. With the lure of a new machine, I thought I would try and finish it. And I have! And I LOVE swirly quilting on my new machine, it quilts like a dream. I'm so happy with how this one has turned out. So I hope you don't mind the plentiful photos...

The binding has been added since I took these pics, now in the process of hand-sewing it down.

I've also embarked on a Swoon quilt. I bought Camille's pattern approximately five minutes after she released it back in May and had my heart set on making it in French General fabrics (of which I have a rather large, ahem, stash). Two blocks done so far. These are fun to make but deceptively rather intensive! Lots of cutting and trimming. But beautiful! And big! 24 inches.

And one more birdie pic!

Linking up to Lee's WIP party today.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday party

Not so much sewing happening here, I'm afraid. Young Finn has turned 5. Hard to believe. He's been through such a lot in his short life, starting with his surprise arrival 12 weeks early. Seems weird looking back on that now. And 5 seems like a pretty big milestone, in the scheme of things.

So what better way to celebrate than with a dinosaur party?

Cue one dinosaur cake.

A game or two of pin the tail on the dinosaur.

And just having fun.

A gorgeous day for my sweet, funny, sometimes puzzling and exasperating boy.