Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Please forgive me my little hiatus (again). I've been a little distracted, as you can see.

Lots of gorgeous details in this quilt which have kept me wanting to press on to the next stage. I thought I'd be far too bored cutting out 240 squares of scraps and sewing them into random tab shapes. But no! It was a bundle of fun. And that's said without the slightest sense of sarcasm.

I mean, look at them - eep!!

This is undoubtedly the biggest, scrappiest (in terms of delving into the scrap bags - there are a few of those. Come on, I know you've got some too!) quilt I've ever done. Such a dent has it made in my scraps that I would have trouble starting another scrappy quilt in a hurry. OK that may be an exaggeration. But the problem would be, the scraps would look very familiar and that might get boring...

The only hiccup in the whole process was the doubt that set in once I'd pieced the large setting triangles. I just wasn't sure the fabric (Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner) was right and that it might detract from the centre. I was persuaded otherwise by a bevy of Twitter friends and pressed on and am happily in love again.

So - I've thoroughly enjoyed this little journey - and a rather quick one it's been too, I only started this at Christmas. I know there's a huge hand quilting palooza ahead of me (more on that another time), but it is so fabulous to get this far. I hope I've done Sarah Fielke's amazing pattern justice.

If you'd like to make your own Whirligig, you can find the pattern in Sarah's gorgeous book 'Quilting from little things'. I highly recommend this fabulous book, if only for the amazing quilt eye candy. But also for the Whirligig. I love it.

PS Sarah was lovely enough to feature a progress pic of my quilt on her blog - see if you can spot it!

PPS And because it's been such a long time since my little petal featured here, a couple of pics of real live peeps, not quilts.

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And this being virtually the only thing I've worked on in the past month, I'm linking up to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day too! So if you're coming from there - hello!

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Seriously.