Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a chocolatey weekend... for some

Yes, because a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and decided to go on a "diet" (I only need to lose a little, maybe 3kg, Craig a bit more than that), I guess we won't be having chocolate this weekend... much. Some might think you can get the same kind of endorphin rush from fabric! Is that true? Maybe...

Anyway, here's what I've been up to.

I finally found a spare moment(s) to piece together the petals for the very large Dresden circle. Hooray! It looks beautiful, don't you think? I then enthusiastically launched into the next step which involves piecing a circle into the centre. It actually is not as hard as it sounds. However.... because I failed to measure the inner circle formed by the Dresden petals before sewing in the circle piece, it ended up as a big puffy pillow in the middle. Oh dear. I'm not even going to share the photo. Lynne suggested I could leave it in and "quilt out" the puffiness. But I'm not taking any chances and have unpicked it (oh the pain!) Turns out the circle is half an inch smaller than I thought it was (hence the circle going into it was half an inch too big). So, starting again on that one.

I also made these fabulous bee blocks for Allison in FMB2 - I can say fabulous because the design (and of course the fabric choice - Central Park) is all hers. I loved making these blocks and have added this to my list of projects to make for myself. Ahem.

Then I whipped up this bag for my friend - it was supposed to be a Christmas present. Last year. Oops.

And finally - look what the postman brought! My doll quilt! From Safieh in Texas. Beautiful colours and an amazing design. And some sweet extras as well. And meanwhile my doll quilt has arrived safely at its destination too - Shayla!

And now we're off on a bike ride around the lake, enjoying the tail end of the lovely autumn weather. Traditionally from next week it just gets very cold!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DQ - finished!

DQ - finished! by Petitselefants
DQ - finished!, a photo by Petitselefants on Flickr.

It is done! This little quilt is currently mid-air enroute to its partner. Can't wait to hear that it's arrived and hoping that she loves it! Meanwhile I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of a parcel from somewhere in my letterbox.

It's been quiet on the blogging front recently due to a few technical disruptions. I've been catching up on some commitments - 3x6 bee included - nearly done!

Oh and did you know Sherbet Pips is finally here! Dreaming about what to make and what I'll need to make it with. But then there's still my Bliss quilt to make, not to mention, Lilly Pilly to finish, and a birthday quilt for my mum (not yet started).... and, and, and! Help!