Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unfinished objects

Originally uploaded by Petitselefants
This is my offering for the current round of Modern Swappers. It's been under construction for approximately 100 years, but given that the due date for posting is looming dangerously near, I put my foot the floor (quite literally) and got it finished. Now all that's left to do is to hand-stitch the binding down (so yes, it has advanced a little further than what you see in the photo!)

Can I just say at this juncture, my least favourite part of making a quilt, has got to be making the binding, and of that part, my least favourite part is making a mitred join for the two ends. Arrrggghhh. If anyone has some killer tips on how to get it just right without tangling yourself up in knots, I will think of a reward for you!!

That aside, I did really enjoy making this, the circle of geese block was fun - will definitely make some more of these! Love the half square triangles block, and the hexagons were also fun to make. And I love these colours. So, I really hope my partner likes the finished product!

It has been very quiet on the blogging front recently. Work has been so busy that there's been little time for sewing and as a result, even less time for blogging. And now I can't believe it's about 5 minutes until Christmas. And I am so not ready for that!

Now, on to my next unfinished object....

How are your unfinished objects going? Any that you MUST get finished before Christmas?