Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving on...

I loved quilting this project. Never mind the fact that I started quilting it only to discover about twelve beautiful swirls later that the backing fabric was folded over and I'd quilted through both layers.... eeeerrrrggghhh. My time is so precious I hate to waste it unpicking! But never mind, it could have been worse!

And yes, it did take a lot more than 10 minutes. Maybe an hour all up. Not counting the unpicking. Ahem.

Anyway, so proud of this one and so pleased with how the swirls are going - getting better and better. Practice definitely does make perfect. I am nearly ready to show you the completed 'Willow' too - very happy with that too!

Two little birdies will be winging their way to my Modern Swap partner this week - along with some other goodies.

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen it you absolutely MUST go and check out the most amazing craft room ever. I have serious craft room envy. Says the woman sitting at the dining table surrounded by sewing crap, with numerous toys strewn at her feet.


  1. oh. wow. that creative space. wow. i'm green with envy!

    loving your latest quilt, as I seem to do with all your lovely things. hope you don't get anymore folded backing fabric!

  2. Now I am wishing I had joined the modern swap so I could have a chance at receiving those lovely little birds surrounded by swirls. What a lovely job you have done - congrats! And that sewing studio... sheesh... jaw dropping gorgeous and functional! It's like a little sewing HOUSE! Thanks for the link :)

  3. It is a beautiful quilt...I have been wanting ot try the swirls but have been too afraid!

  4. Those swirls are lovely. I'm trying to find a piece that I can work on that's not essential so that I can get in some practice on those.

    And that Quilt room is drop dead gorgeous. I'm trying now to be content with my tiny space I share with the guest room. I will have a space like that someday....I promise!

  5. Love those birdies. I need to learn how to do the free motion swirl pattern. It is just gorgeous.

    About that link to the world's most perfect quilting space...fabulous! (Sigh)

  6. wow! It's gorgeous! I really love the quilting pattern - how did you learn to do that? I think I need to get away from my stippling!


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