Monday, March 14, 2011

Put a bird on it!

My arm is gradually feeling better and I've seized the moment to catch up on some machine time. Here's what I've been doing this weekend.

1. Working on my doll quilt. I'm still at the quilting stage. As I may have mentioned once or twice before, although I do love my swirly quilting, it takes an inordinate amount of time. Anyway, we are getting there! I estimate it is about 75 per cent done. This will be hard to part with! I hope my partner likes it as much as I do!
2. Working on some bee blocks for the 3x6 sampler bee. This is where you're grouped with 6 other crazy girls, you choose a block style and then make it in their choice of colours. So six colour ways of the same block. You theoretically have three months to complete your blocks and send them off (and in turn receive six different style blocks in your own choice of colours). This time round I've chosen a wonky star block. (I say theoretically, because it seems some people take the three month thing as a lower limit.... This may or may not include me.)

This is block #3 (the other two I made some time ago, before my arm went kaputt). Very happy with this one!

And this is block #4.... Hmmmm. I'm not sure about this one, as you can see I kind of over-exaggerated the wonk on one of the star points! Not really on purpose, but just not really thinking about what the result would be. On the one hand, I really like it. On the other hand, I don't know if the intended recipient will like this level of wonkiness. It's not for everybody.

Anyway, I would really love to know what you think!

**Please leave a comment and let me know if you like the extra-wonkity star block, or if I should pick it undone and try again!!**

3. Finally - OK this one doesn't involve the machine, but I have to report on it, because I've reached the milestone of having all the leaves in situ. Did you notice how I dropped in a little Latin there? Granted, the leaves are not all sewn down, but nearly all of them are - well, there are 32 leaves left to sew. At the current rate of sewing these should all be knocked over by next weekend.

If you look closely you might also notice that my tree has grown a flock of birds. Who are at the moment still wingless. Not to mentioned legless. I had to put these in at this stage to facilitate accurate placing in situ of the final set of leaves. In contrast to the leaves, the birds are not hand sewn, but raw-edge machine appliqued (along with the trunk and branches). This stage happens after all the leaves are done. So - soon!! And then more swirly quilting!! Hooray! I might even run a little competition to estimate how many hours the quilting will take.

And, finally finally, just had to share with you this video I found about how things are so much better when you put a bird on them. I couldn't agree more!!


  1. Glad you are able to get back to machine quilting - your partner is going to LOVE that tree! Love the birds in your Lilly Pilly, and that video is hilarious. I'd pick out that star point, but only because it won't be pointy... and I'd fixate on that one thing every time I looked at the quilt. But I'm anal that way.

  2. I have to agree with Shelley. Pick it out, you'll be glad you did. I bought the pattern for the pink tree but haven't gotten to it. You did a fantastic job on the quilting.

  3. Wow, that swirly quilting is incredible! How do you do it? And that video is hilarious. I'm all about putting birds on it!

  4. put a bird on it :D
    I love both the trees and those swirls are so beautiful. I know they take so much time and effort, but the result is great.
    As for the wingless, legless birdies - I love their shape.
    And I'm glad that you've seen the quilt I managed to make using most of your fabrics. I know it's rather wonky, but it was such fun to make it and improvise the pattern.

  5. another swirl-lover here - it looks sooo great!! how DO you do that?

  6. The grey birds are great! I love all of this, even the over wonky star! Personally, although I agree the star would not have a pointy point, it would be beautifully wonky that way and I would love it.


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