Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This beautiful quilt.... being given away by the incredibly talented Kellie of Don't Look Now. I don't normally gush, but I have to say of all the artisans out there in the big wide world of quilt-land, she is surely the pinnacle. One lucky person is going to win this quilt, and it would be great if it were me! Whoever wins will be the envy of many.

I am so in love with the bird and tree combination, as well as the selection of colours. Before I started lurking around the blogworld, I had various designs based on birds and trees floating around in my head. Little did I know that others before me had also stumbled upon this wonderful concept - who would have thought?? Anyway, such a simple concept really, but Kellie takes it to a whole new level. Her work is simply beautiful and it would be a privilege to own one of her quilts. Maybe one day I'll have the confidence to try one of her patterns....

The competition closes on 2 September - good luck!

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