Sunday, August 18, 2013

A little blogging...

Despite best intentions, I've once again fallen out of the blogging habit (not that I could really genuinely call it a habit, being as infrequent as it is!) That's due in part to the ubiquity of Instagram. I really love it for its quilting and crafting community, the ability to share things the minute you've finished them, or when you're in the middle of doing something and need some instant advice on what colour goes where, or how to do a certain technique - you can guarantee someone is lurking in the wings to offer their advice.

And so I've been resorting to Instagram for my 'microblogging' fix. But this weekend, Instagram decided to chuck a hissy fit and not work. Help! What to do? A little discussion on Twitter ensued, and a few of us decided to put up a blog post on our long-neglected blogs, in substitute for lack of Instagramming over the weekend!

So here's a little taste of what's been happening chez Petitselefants this weekend.

Binding a little baby quilt. So pleased to cross this one off my to-do list, it's been sitting around for a few weeks now and the baby it's heading to is nearly 8 weeks old.

I put this together from 5 inch squares cut from my stash, mainly Bonnie and Camille leftovers from other projects. Sixty-four squares in rows of eight make for a quick stash-busting quilt.

And this is a little sneak peek of a quilt I've been working on for a little while. It's all finished now and we've been trying to get some fancy half-decent shots of it as it's going to be published in a book!  Very exciting, and I can't wait to show you the whole quilt!

So there you go, my non-Instagram blog post. Hope you're all having a lovely, quilty weekend.



  1. Hi Danielle, your sneak peek quilt looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Nicole xo

  2. Nice to see you here Danielle, I don't know what was going on with instagram! Lovely baby quilt and great quilting on your sneak peek! xo

  3. Love! Especially all the gorgeous quilty business happening in the last pic! I've got to get my arse back to blogging... though I have a very good excuse hehe :)

  4. A book!?!?!? Wahoooo
    Well done in the finish, always a good feeling.
    Ab x

  5. Congratulations to you!! It's so fun to see all these photos together in a post and read a little more about them. Loving Instagram, but it's such little snippets. Good to have a lengthy fix of your work :) Thanks for all the Bring Me Flowers help - still haven't started - must get on that!

  6. Wow! These are looking mind blowing now I am going to use them into my Beautiful Villas Italy and I am sure these will be looks so beautiful.

  7. Lovely non-instagramming. I looked on my phone the other day but it won't let me comment so back again on the computer this time. Gorgeous quilt and quilt and yay you for getting in a book!!!!


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