Monday, May 21, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival

A running-late entry to the 2012 Blogger's Quilt Festival

I'm afraid this one remains unfinished as I'm trying to gather up the stamina required to (a) hand baste it ready for (b) hand quilting it to within an inch of its life. Eek! But it must happen soon because I had planned that this would be my winter sofa project!

I had a huge amount of fun making this quilt top.  The scrappy leaves medallion is like a walk-through my fabric stash. I was worried when I embarked on this that I didn't have enough fabric to achieve a scrappy look. But even though some of the fabrics appear multiple times, I think it still looks scrappy, yet unified.

Likewise the tab border. Somehow I managed to scrape together around 200 squares of fabric to make the tabs (I can't remember the exact number now!) 

And finally, let me recommend this quilt to you - it was a delight to make! And surprisingly fast!

The details:
Pattern - Whirligig from Sarah Fielke's Quilting 
Background fabric - American Jane Pindot in taupe
Setting triangles - from Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner
Borders - Green stripe from Sunkissed by Sweetwater

Now off to continue browsing more fabulous quilts in the quilt festival!

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  1. Wow Danielle. Just wow. So much work went into this!! Its incredible!

  2. I just love this quilt. I followed its progress on Twitter and now waiting with bated breath to see it quilted.

  3. It's fantastic. I was wondering if it was a Sarah Fielke's design. I have one of her books.
    Beautiful work : )

  4. Love the taupe background and the Loulouthi setting triangles, they are perfect for the beautiful scraps you've used for all the leaves. I have the book, you may have talked me into trying this pattern in the future.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt. Lovely work Danielle!

  6. So pretty! I love those little tabs around the border.

  7. Love the tab border! And I love Loulouthi and a bunch of the other fabrics you chose. A lot of different skills have been shown here - great job!

  8. Beautiful quilt. I adore the pindot background and how the leaves pop out on it. Loving the border too. Love all of this handmade beauty!


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