Thursday, September 8, 2011

Works in progress

I often have the feeling that I take on way more than I can ever hope to achieve - even given a few rare hours of sewing time, I think that I'm going to get done way more than actually ends up happening. Not sure what the solution is, but part of it is probably about being more organised and having things ready to leap into when the opportunity strikes, rather than having to start with the preparation - fabric selection, cutting etc.

Anyway, having said that, my few hours of sewing time did see some achievements today and I do feel like I'm making a small dent in my pile of commitments.

First up a couple of blocks for quilts being put together by Sarah Fielke for her friend Amy who recently lost her husband to cancer. Such a terrible thing and he was so young. It's wonderful to be able to share the gift of a quilt with a friend and Sarah has been able to pull together blocks from all around the world to turn into quilts for Amy and her daughter. Amy is a big Kaffe Fassett fan, so this is what was called for. I'm more than happy to spend a little time cutting into my Kaffe stash.

Next up - starting on a Dresden plate block for Kelly in the Sew Australia bee. Lots of fun making this - I don't know why I haven't done one before!

What are you working on this week? Do you also think you're going to get more done in a set time than actually ends up happening? Or is it just me?...

More works-in-progress over at Lee's


  1. oh my gosh!! how silly, we are both in the sew Australia bee, however i didnt look at your blog till the small blog meet - to think i found your blog through and international blog when we were linked already - how strange!!
    your block for Kelly looks great by the way - i had sew much fun making that one!!

  2. Lovely dresden! And as far as planning too many projects for the time available - I'm guilty of that too. If you come upon the solution please let me know. I'm chalking it up to just "part of the wonderfulness of me". Hahaha!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful. Love the Kaffe, and the dresden is very pretty. I've been hoping/wanting to make a Dresden quilt for ages.
    I'm so guilty of having too many projects going at the same time. I like having a few different things as it helps with boredom, but now I have too many and it's overwhelming.

  4. That's so true. I think I am going to have to apply my husbands theory on DIY to sewing "everything takes twices as long and costs twice as much as you think it will"!! Your blocks are lovely

  5. Love the first blocks. Can't wait to see the finished product.:)

  6. these are pretty! I love the dresden plates!

  7. I couldn't find your email to reply but I did a feature on an art party a while back.. you could do a simplified version of that? I'm sure Mr Google would be a great help too :-)

  8. HI Danielle. Thanks for your comment on my ruffle dress. I used a plain woven (no stretch). Have fun!

  9. Your dresden is awesome! I love the red and aqua fabrics!

    If you don't mind dropping me an email to I have a response to your Secret Garden question. Your blogger profile is set to "no reply"

    Thanks!! Aimee

  10. I heard it was standing room only at Floriade! If you change your profile to include your email that would be easier to email you back :-)


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