Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love hand quilting

Here's a little milestone - I started this quilt all the way back in January, and now I've just finished the hand quilting of it in red and pink Perle threads. So enjoyable, I'm a little sad it's finished and will have to find another hand quilting project to take on. Think, think, think!

Please excuse the poor quality photos - my camera battery is of course flat, so these are taken with the iPad camera which is, shall we say, fairly ordinary!

This one is destined as a housewarming gift to my sister and her husband who have, after months and months of searching, finally purchased their first home. They pick up the keys tomorrow - so excited for them!

Now for the binding....

I'm linking up to Lee's work-in-progress Wednesday for the first time in ages. Hi Lee! Lee has done the best flying geese block I've seen in a long time - must try this one!

What's your work in progress this week?


  1. I love the look of hand quilting, but not sure I have the patience .... if you are really struggling to find a project let me know - I'm sure I could send one your way ;-)

  2. Me too big hand quilting fan :) Looks great!
    Susanne (Suleon)

  3. Hand stitching would sure take patience!
    Before I had a sewing machine I wouldn't have ever thought of quilting, but I did make several sets of curtains and even a table runner by hand.
    I can not machine quilt with my machine though because it's not big enough so my quilts are hand tied.
    I am thinking of doing a strip quilt though where I will put a middle piece in to each square....still pondering just how to do it.

  4. I envy Stephanie already :)
    I'd love to try handquilting one day, but I'm afraid it would take me ages to finish a quilt like that.


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