Monday, June 14, 2010

Finishing touches

It's been a holiday this weekend and beautiful weather. Unfortunately the kids haven't been exactly on their best behaviour so we have all been going a bit stir crazy. But anyway.... Did manage to get a couple of projects finished which is always a good thing!!

First off, my Amy Butler Birdie Sling. I have had this pattern for quite a while and the fabric as well (from my stash of Rouenneries), and have over the last few weeks tackled the bag in a few sittings. It came together pretty well, although I did have to use the quick-unpick a few times - mainly due to my failure to read the directions properly.... I added a zip pocket inside and a magnetic snap closure. I love the bag, and would love to do another, but next time I would lose the fusible fleece on the lining. I think one layer of interfacing is enough. There was way too much bulk in the seams around the band which made it tricky to do the final top-stitching.

And now for my second project finish - my first bee blocks for Fresh Modern Bee 2 - string quilt blocks for Scruffycat. This was my first attempt at string blocks and I love them! These were so much fun to do and I love the result. I hope you do too, Amy!

Now off to finish dinner - a roast lamb has been cooking away slowly all afternoon and it smells divine!!!


  1. Great bag and great blocks!! I love all the green in your swap blocks. Thanks for the tip on the birdie sling bag - I haven't made mine yet, but when I do I'll know to lighten up on the interfacing!

  2. I love this bag - I keep looking at all the AB bag patterns, meaning to try one but am not sure which one to go for. (Blocks look great too)

  3. Love the blocks Danielle! Thanks for the comment on my Pay It Forward post - are you in? You could be my no. 3 if you have time!! Let me know Justine xx


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