Friday, May 21, 2010

Life's big questions - to sash or not to sash?

I have been sewing like a demon (?!) today. Last night I spent a couple of hours (way too late really) cutting my fabrics into strips and cross-cutting into smaller strips and squares. This morning I just started randomly sewing them all together and wound up with this.

All in all I'm very happy with the result, but the big dilemma now is - to sash or not to sash? And if yes to sashing, what colour? And between all the strips? Or just two or three? I have got some gorgeous Carolina Chambray in a natural/stone kind of colour, and I think that might look lovely. But perhaps red might be a good option too? This isn't neessarily the layour I'll go with, I've basically just laid out all the strips one by one for now.

What do you think? Any suggestions happily appreciated!!

PS have just noticed a big smudge on all my photos from today and realised this comes courtesy of a certain small person's finger print on the lens... sorry! And please feel free to admire small person's fire engine slippers in the background. He'll be flattered. They have flashing lights, you know!


  1. stunning looking quilt top - I think the stone sashing would be great, as would maybe a grey colour, to let the red really pop!
    Looking forward to the finished product!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your quilt top is looking great. I like sashing on my quilts, it makes the beautiful fabric stand out, so I'd probably go for the natural sashing. Good luck!

  3. I like your quilt without any sashing. I probably would only put a border or two around it. If you need a bigger quilt, then I would probably use red sashing (I think). Why not lay your sashing fabric on the floor and put the strips down with some of the sashing fabric showing. No need to cut anything before you've made up your mind.


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