Thursday, July 15, 2010

My creative space... involves a bunch of half square triangles (64 squares, to be exact) and a scribbly kind of 'maybe' diagram. Still not sure on whether to go with something like this, or something very simple like a zigzag. It's for a baby girl quilt.

I love the HST and have been putting together a bit of a collection of my favourite layouts. The possibilities are endless!! I'm sure someone mathematically inclined could work out exactly how endless. I'll post some of my favourites in the near future.

Not much time today as it's a work day (which means no time for sewing - acckk!!)

But if you have time, check out some more creative spaces at Kirsty's.

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  1. Pretty colors!! Your willow applique looks beautiful - is it pillow size or bigger? I've been drooling over the "Lilly Pilly" pattern from the same company (I think?)


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