Saturday, August 28, 2010

Half-square triangles baby quilt

Loving this layout, but struggling a little bit with the bulky seams - sometimes there are 6 or 8 pieces coming to a point. I've tried snipping the first few stitches and opening up the seams, but I don't think they're ever going to lay completely flat. Perhaps it's just a case of practice makes perfect. Or trial and error? Either way, it's still looking pretty, no?

I'm sensing multiple HST quilts in my future. The layout possibilities are simply endless!

This little one is for my dear friend Bec's new baby, Charlotte, born last week. Sadly they are not in the same city as me but I'm hoping for a work trip soon so I'll be able to go and visit (and deliver the quilt. Because it will be finished soon. I promise!!)

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  1. So pretty in pink! I love the layout :) I don't know what the answer is for those bulky points at the corners... did you try pressing the seams of the HST open? Maybe you should email the Red Pepper Quilts lady - she makes tons of those HST quilts, and I've heard that she always responds to questions.


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