Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here's something new!

It's about time this quilt saw the light of day - it's been complete for quite a while now and just waiting for its moment with the long arm quilter! Only the other day I realised with a slight sense of horror that it's almost a year since I started it - in May 2011 to be exact. Sherbet Pips was one of those fabric lines that I waited on with great anticipation and chopped into almost as soon as it arrived in my letterbox.

The pattern is one I came up with myself, and I even went the whole hog with the pieced back (which took pretty close to forever, by the way), and which I think makes the quilt as close to a double-sided quilt as you're ever going to get!

It's destined for my little girl's bed, just as soon as the long arm has done its work - which will hopefully be within the next couple of week! I'm really not sure why, but this quilt makes me think of a box of chocolates... Or maybe that's just because it's Easter this weekend. Anyhoo.

If anyone is interested in a tutorial for this pattern, please let me know! It's really quite a simple pattern and very quick to throw together.

In other news... I've been busy Swooning. This is block number 6 and could be my favourite so far. Block number 7 is nearly finished and then we're a cool two blocks away from completion. Hoping to finish up pretty soon so that this can go to the longarmity place together with Miss Pips up there.

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Happy Easter everybody if you're celebrating. Don't eat too much chocolate :)

PS Have you seen this? I love fabric, but this one has got my heart racing. Very excited - only another 6 months to wait...


  1. I love the sherbet Pips fabric, I love how you have put it together. I need to get a bit more creative than just squares when quilting.

  2. Yes you must finish it off! It's looking gorgeous!

  3. I love both sides of your Pips quilt and your Swoon block is stunning!

  4. Aw - that's such a sweet quilt! I have a pips roll - need to fin the PERFECT pattern to go with that. Still searching ...

  5. Beautiful quilting!! Love the colors - you inspire me. :)


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