Sunday, August 16, 2009

A work-in-progress #1

As is no doubt the case with everyone who likes to indulge in a little craftiness here and there, I have of course numerous works-in-progress. I am trying, however, to finish some of these off - admittedly, this is to some extent driven by a desire to start something new (and who doesn't have a list as long as their arm of things they want to start working on!?)

To get the ball rolling, I'm sharing with you today a quilt I've been making for my little man #2 - it was (you guessed it) supposed to be his baby quilt... and yes, he's turning 3 in just a couple of months, scarily enough. And yes, I have had another child since.... (and I haven't started her quilt yet!) Anyway, it is what it is - and I still love it, though I have to admit that I have moved on somewhat since I started this, and I would choose something totally different if I were starting something for him today.

The pattern is from Barri of Bare Roots who just makes the most adorable quilts and other bits and pieces. I have altered the pattern slightly (but not too much). The top is just about done - all the pieces are hand appliqued using the fusible web and blanket stitch technique (though in one section I have used backstitch for a different effect which I'm really pleased with). Just a few more circles to go around the border and then on to the sandwiching. I'm thinking of hand-quilting this, despite the fact that I know it will take me forever. If it's finished by the time little man turns 4 I'll be amazed!

As an aside, I actually started this quilt when I was 27 weeks pregnant with #2 - little did I know that only days later he was to arrive amidst much drama (at 28 weeks). Who knows if I might have actually got it finished in time if he'd gone full term??

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