Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

I'm back again, with promised pics of the quilt that Angela Walters recently quilted for me. I've been a huge fan of Angela's quilting style since I first discovered it a few years ago through Flickr. Not only is she a superstar quilter but also a lovely person to boot and very generous with her advice and tips, both through her blog and on Twitter.

As some of you may know, over Christmas my family and I embarked on a big round-the-world expedition, including a short stop in the US. When I stumbled across a quilting convention website and realised that Angela would be teaching, and it was at exactly the same time that we would be in Los Angeles in late January, well you know what I had to do. And in the lead-up to our departure I got to thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to send Angela a quilt to quilt for me and I could pick it up from her in person in January? Yay me!

So I threw together this little throw-sized quilt using some of my favourite Anna Maria Horner fabrics (and there's one Violet Craft Madrona Road print thrown in for good measure too). The idea was to leave heaps of space to allow Angela to do her thing. The background fabric is one of my favourites to work with - Carolina Chambray in natural from Robert Kaufmann. I've got a little of it stashed away for emergency purposes. Big thanks to Jules and to my Mum for helping me get it done in time!

Needless to say I'm thrilled to the moon and back with Angela's quilting, it completely blows my mind every time I study it. And I do that a lot.

Just look at those incredible feathers! Hugely distracting when I'm trying to get work done!

Anyway, the disappointing backstory to this quilt is that I never actually made it to that class in January. We were at Disneyland at the time, and the class was on the very last day of our holiday. The plan was for my husband to take the kids for a fourth day at Disney and I would go to the class. We would then meet back at the hotel at the end of the day and go to the airport for our trip home. But on day three my eldest son came down with a vomiting bug. Which meant that my husband stayed back at the hotel while I went with the other two to Disney. Just quietly, we had the most amazing day, including the best. ride. ever. The Radiator Springs Racers. Awesome. I still feel sorry for the big boy (and hub) that they missed out! All the while I was worried about the rest of us (or just one of us) getting sick, you know how these things go, and feeling slightly queasy just at the thought of being on a 16 hour plane trip with a family of vomiters. So with a big lump in my throat I decided that I couldn't in good conscience go to the class. On the plus side, the big boy was better the next day, and nobody else got sick, and we had a brilliant fourth day at Disney - it was the perfect end to our holiday, we made it to the airport and survived the big trip home. But without a quilt.

Luckily Jules came to the rescue, being lucky as she was to be going to Quiltcon in February, at which she kindly met up with Angela and safely delivered the quilt home to me. Phew!

I also need to catch up on telling you about some other projects I've been working on. Perhaps only then will you realise the extent of my problem. First up Green Tea and Sweet Beans, the beautiful hand-pieced and appliqued quilt designed by Jen Kingwell of Amitie Textiles in Melbourne. This was run as block of the month a few years ago, around the time when I was getting back into quilting after a hiatus. I loved it then but wasn't ready to jump into a big project. Happily the pattern is now available in a book form and I started working on this as my holiday project. I've done almost all the appliqué blocks now and need to get cracking on the hand-pieced ones, of which there are quite a few challenging ones.

Finally I'll leave you with this shot of my kiddos with their quilts in action. They make the best quilt forts. Lucky for them they have quite a few to choose from. :)


  1. love ly post and lovely quilt.xx

  2. lovely post love. Love your plus quilt - gorgeous fabrics and super-awesome quilting - you must stare at it a lot. It is such a big shame you missed going to Angela's class, but you never know, one day, there'll be another that you can go to. So nice that Julie could collect it in person for you. Your GTASB is looking gorgeous, love your colours. OK, back to it here. I'm in the middle of a week of rearranging things due to sick kids - bad colds, thankfully no vomits. The thought of sick, vomiting kids on an international plane flight.... thank goodness that didn't happen! x

  3. Oh my god, that is stunning! Not that I'd expect less of course ;o)
    Your appliqué blocks look fantastic! I'm doing this years amitie BOM, and I'm too scared to get going - I've never appliqued or hand pieced. Need some big girl pants!

  4. Oh, have to ask too, do you have a Finn? Just noticed the header quilt - my biggest is Finn :o)

  5. Ahhhh so lovely! I never tire of seeing pictures of it :)

  6. I love that plus quilt - absolutely stunning! Your GTSB blocks are gorgeous, I hadn't realised you'd done so many - seeing them laid out like that makes me very excited about seeing more blocks! And, one day, making my own take on it...


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